Manang Languages Project



Project Description & Team

The project encompasses collaborative, multi-institutional field investigations of the four indigenous languages of Manang, Nepal (Manange/Nyeshangte, Gyalsumdo, Manang-Gurung and Nar-Phu) in order to merge traditional documentation methods with cutting-edge visualization tools.
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This project will produce three types of multimedia deliverables: Documentation/linguistic-descriptive data, coded to discipline-specific archival standards; audio-visual materials and resources, including still photos, sound files and videos; teaching materials and resources, aimed particularly at courses on language endangerment, language documentation, and linguistic fieldwork.
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Sociolinguistic Interviews

In this project we make use of language usage and attitude survey responses gathered from several residents of each village throughout Manang. In the future, we will add selected phono-lexical and grammatical patterns from the same and additional Manang residents.
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Our approaches to text collection follow principles advocated by Bird and Simons’ (1993) “best practices recommendations”, particularly: Format, with open-access transcription and translation conventions; discovery, with accompanying metadata and meta-description.
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