Welcome to the Materials Archive for the NSF-funded project to document four Tibeto-Burman languages of Manang, Nepal (BCS-DEL 1149639 “Documenting the Languages of Manang”, 2012-2017). This project included budgeted funds to create and archive transcribed/translated (and, when possible, interlinearized) texts (audio and video) from the four Manang languages with the SHANTI (Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Technological Initiatives) platform with the Tibetan and Himalayan Library at the University of Virginia. These archived texts may be accessed (and the transcripts downloaded) by visiting any one of these sites:

1. Manang Gurung (IISO-639 gvr, Glottolog west2414)

2. Gyalsumdo (no ISO entry, Glottolog gyal1235)

3. Manange (Nyeshangte) (ISO-639 nmm, Glottolog mana1288)

4. Nar-Phu (ISO-639 npa, Glottolog narp1239)

This project also generated a great deal of other materials that may be of use to the academic community or to those with a general interest in this research or these languages. This includes raw lexical data recorded towards acoustic analysis of tone, still images of Manang villages, items of cultural significance, and local flora and fauna, and other sound files affiliated with sociolinguistic interviews and/or grammatical elicitations towards specific analyses. Towards that end, we have created this deposit, housed at the home institution of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where different sound files, documents, and still images may be downloaded. Most files are bundled in zipped folders. Also, many files come with additional information contained in a text file.

In all cases of language recordings or images of individuals found on this site, prior permission was obtained through an oral acknowledgement consent process. The downloaded data from this site may be used in other studies or research under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike License. This means that others may re-use and even change the materials, provided that appropriate credit is given to this project and its Principal Investigator (Kristine Hildebrandt), any changes to materials are indicated, and that the materials are not used for commercial purposes.

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